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Home security is important factor in feeling safe in your home. We are here to provide tips and information about home security system cameras, as well as other ways you make your home more secure and safe.

There are many choices for security cameras available, and they vary in size, design and cost. Home security system cameras can be very discreet, like indoor dome home security cameras, and these are often less expensive than larger home security cameras.

The smaller dome home security cameras work well for indoor surveillance, although they typically have fewer features than larger home security cameras.

For outdoor usage, you will want the larger home security cameras, which are also weatherproof. Features like infrared sensors are often available for these outdoor security cameras. Most of the security cameras mentioned are available in black and white, and color monitors are available too, depending on the home security camera model and price.

Some home security system cameras work by using long cords, which can be a bit of a pain to set up initially.
Here is where wireless and network home security cameras come in handy. These types of home security cameras either have no wires leading to their monitor or can be viewed using a computer. Home security cameras of this kind typically will cost a bit more than regular home security cameras. However, they are often easier to install and use.

If don’t want to spend big bucks

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a good home security camera, you may want to look into dummy cameras, which are fake home security cameras. Such dummy home security cameras can provide a certain level of security too, since you can’t tell by looking at it if is a live and function security camera or not. Just keep it a secret that it is a dummy camera of course!

A home surveillance camera can help retrieve stolen goods, or help identify vandals and generally keep you sleeping better at night. A home surveillance camera can help retrieve stolen goods, or help identify vandals and generally keep you sleeping better at night.

How should you set up your home security camera then?

Setting up your security camera

One way to set up a home security camera is to allow it to record everything it is picking up,
while you review the footage later.

Another way you can monitor your home security camera is over the internet, via a wireless home security camera.

A wireless security camera will let you to record and send the footage via the internet. This way, the footage is in electronic format and you can use video playback software to quickly skim through the material.

Dropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

  • 60 Second Setup – Use your computer to find your Wi-Fi network, live stream in under a minute.
  • High Quality Video – Get into the details with 720p high-definition video.
  • Fast and easy setup – online and securely streaming 720p HD video in 60 seconds.
  • Field of View – 107 degrees diagonal, plus Night Vision and Zoom, means you don’t miss a thing.
  • Cloud Video Recording (CVR) – Review footage and make clips with optional secure offsite recording.
  • Stay connected with Two-Way Talk, Intelligent Alerts, Scheduling and Mobile & Web apps.

4 thoughts on “Home Security Cameras”

  1. Getting a home security system will give a any home owner peace of mind. There are a number of companies to choice from, however in order to make the best choice, a home owner needs to look at what one wants in a home security solution. The newest feature offered to home owners is remote monitoring from ones cell phone and or laptop. Whatever the need look at all your options and make an educated decision.

  2. I might point out that all cameras, regardless of whether they are wired or wireless, generally connect up to a DVR or computer, and video images are storable. It doesn’t matter whether your camera is wired or wireless. Wireless cameras will cost more, wired cameras will cost more in basic installation – so they roughly equal out – but your best bet is going to be wired cameras (trust me, I work in the industry.)

    Be sure to choose the biggest hard drive you can get your hands on, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much drive space is required to keep track of any decent time period of video.

  3. There is always a cost attached to getting something like cctv installed and setup but as the last poster says it does allow for peace of mind. This is true for the home and business premises. There are studies which indicate there is a positive impact of cctv on crime and breakins so for me its worth an initial outlayB84

  4. People also need to be aware of the legislation involved when implementing a CCTV surveillance system. When installing CCTV cameras in public areas it is important to be aware that you have a responsibilty to satisfy the requirements of the data protection act. This basically means that CCTV installers have to put up CCTV signs and also ensure there is a proper system in place for labelling and storing CCTV evidence.

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